Islamic stories for kids

Islamic stories for kids

Islamic stories for kids

In Muslim society, family is so important to raise kids. So how should a family raise the children? Islam puts rules and teaches us how to grow them as Islam teaches us how to do anything in our daily life.

Islam plans for the right and sound way to raise children in Quran. Through Quran, Allah told us many stories to learn lessons.

There are many stories in Quran that discuss many issues. For example, we can talk about the story of the prophet Noah’s son. Prophet Noah asked his son to obey him and join him, but his son never obeyed him, and he refused to listen to him; that’s why he had punishment in the end because he did not obey his father.

Importance of teaching children morals from Islamic stories:

  1. Make them learn Quran in a very charming way which will make them love to read Quran to know another story.
  2. Make them encouraged to do what Allah orders to have His love by understanding that there are only two ways, award, and punishment. So, they will be enthusiastic about doing their best and what satisfies God.
  3. Teaching them from Quran will strengthen their relationship with God and their love to obey Him. 
  4. Islamic stories are also good for parents to remind them of the good way to raise their children and to treat them in the right manner, which Allah orders us to follow. 

Now, we will present some Islamic stories; every Islamic family should teach their children and explain to them:

  1. Prophet Noah’s story.
  2. Prophet Hud’s story.
  3. Prophet Muhammad’s story.
  4. Prophet Saleh’s story.
  5. Prophet Yunus story. 
  6. Prophet Yousuf’s story. 
  7. Story of Cave men.
  8. Story of Lady Marriam.

There are many stories to learn actually in Quran, and the most important thing is to do what these stories say because if the child finds that his family does not do what he listens to in the stories of the Quran, he will not apply anything he learns; he will feel that it is another world and another life. That’s why parents should treat themselves and others in the way they want their children to.

Benefits of Islamic stories for kids:

  Islamic stories through Quran provide the children with many benefits at the same time; it makes them read Quran and listen to it to listen to stories, then parents will explain it to them, so they understand the meaning of verses and words; after that, they can memorize Quran very easily because they understand the story.

  As technology is progressing every day and games are invented every day also, children get addicted to phones, games, and technology generally; Muslim families should focus more on their children and try to make them understand their religion and be close to Allah.  

  There must watch parents and be aware of their children, they are the new generation, and we have to be worried about our religion, Islam, and our children. 

  Some children hate to sit down and listen to stories by their parents, but now there is everything on YouTube and Google. Parents can download prophets’ stories to make their children watch. They will love it because it is a visual video with colors and movement. Also, they will learn Islamic matters they should know. 

We will present an Islamic story of the prophet Yunus and its morals of it to set an example of what type of stories will benefit your child.

Story of Yunus

The story begins when prophet Yunus tells his people the message of Allah that was revealed to him; then his people refuse to listen to him and choose not to listen to him; he gets so angry; however, this is the first time to warns them.

 But unfortunately, he became angry and left them. He took his boat and sailed away from his town. Then, the ship sank into the sea, so he drowned. After that, there was a giant whale that swallowed the prophet Yunus.

Prophet Yunus stayed in the whale’s belly for three days. He was alive, and Allah was protecting him. 

Then, the prophet Yunus prays Allah to get him out of his trouble and to forgive him because he was not patient with his people. He did not even try to convince them; he just warned them one time and got mad at them.

 Then, he got out of the whale’s belly to get back to his people and invite them to Allah’s message and guidance, and they listened this time to him and believed in Allah.

Morals of the story:

  • Patience is so important in life for everything; everyone has to be patient and never get mad very fast about something because everything needs time, so the child can understand that if he does not learn how to be patient, he will face troubles.
  • Seek Allah’s satisfaction; a child will learn in this story that we should satisfy Allah and seek to do what He orders and not do what He prevents us from. 
  • The child will understand from that story that Allah is always here for us, whatever we do, and wherever we are, regardless of the mistakes we make, we can ask Him to forgive us, and He will forgive us.
  • From that story, the child can learn the Duaa of prophet Yunus that he prayed to Allah, and he will memorize it; parents should teach him this Duaa to say every morning and night and when he has a problem.

So, Islamic stories raise children and teach them how to respect others, how to obey their parents, how to be a good Muslim, how to avoid being bad or evil, how to have Allah’s satisfaction, and of course, give them a good basic and knowledge about Islam to be closed to Allah and his religion. Parents should encourage their children to watch Islamic stories to understand the history of Islam.


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