Learning Quran Online via Zoom 

Learning Quran Online via Zoom

Learning Quran Online via Zoom 

Islam has spread as usual, thanks to Allah, so there are many new Muslims who need to learn Quran and study Islamic Studies to be the right Muslims. They live in a non-Muslim country and need any school or teachers for them and their children.

This is the result of Islamic schools and academies all over the world, and due to its limited numbers, many online companies and platforms are held to take this matter.

There are many online platforms, companies, and schools that provide Islamic studies to teach the Quran and Islamic studies to new Muslims, and there are many programs and many applications that help in this process, like zoom, skype, and any other program.

 The Holy Quran is the words of Allah, and it is so important for any Muslim to learn Quran and learn how to recite it. It is not just like any book, and it is a treasure, Islamic heritage. Allah revealed Quran to our prophet Muhammad.

All children should learn Quran and learn Tajweed. They should recite Quran correctly; that is what inline Quran lessons do through using apps like Skype.

Why must we learn Quran?

  1. The Holy Quran will guide us to Paradise, the Janna that Allah promises us to get if we are good Muslims. 

When we learn Quran and memorize it, it will be our best friend. We can find everything literally in the Holy Quran, and we can find stories, advice, and morals. The Holy Quran tells us what Allah wants us to do and what He prevents us from doing. So, it will lead us to Paradise if we follow it and makes us avoid Hell.

  1. The Holy Quran provides a great knowledge of the Islamic heritage.

 The Holy Quran talks about the stories of the last people and what they did. So, we will learn from it. When we learn Quran and learn to recite it, we will understand the meaning of the stories and the morals, so we will get the idea of each story that Allah tells us in His Book.

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