What are the Best platforms for learning online Quran in the UK?

What are the Best platforms for learning online Quran in the UK?

What are the Best platforms for learning
online Quran in the UK?

Thanks to rapid technological Advancement, learning Quran
online has become very easy and effective. Nowadays, learning
Quran has become available to every Muslim in any country.
Kids and Adults can learn Quran in any place and at any time
they want.

The importance of learning the Quran for non-Arab Muslim people:
 Non-Arab Muslim people need to learn Quran to perform
religious rituals, read and understand the principles of
Islamic religion.
 Learning Quran contains all aspects of Knowledge.
 It guides non-Arab Muslim people through the right path
and teaches them how to act right in different situations.
 Learning Quran brings them closer to Allah.
 Learning Quran Intercede for them on the day of Judgement.

Advantages of learning the online Quran:

• Learning online Quran offers students a
fully equipped LMS.
• The state-of-the-art LMS is capable of keeping
a record of the lessons.
• Students can easily review the lessons when
they want.

• Students can access all course material
through the web portal.
• Learning the online Quran helps students on every
single step to start reading Quran in Tajweed
• Students are the comfort of being at home.
• Students can learn Quran in different places
they want.

Options for learning online Quran:

• Students can choose the day and the time for
each session.
• They can learn Tajweed-e-Quran word to
• Females can teach women and children.
• Monthly progress report of children’s
• All Quran teachers speak English
• Fully equipped student portal lessons and
learning Material.

Now, let’s know some of the best platforms for learning
Quran online.

The Best platforms for learning online Quran in the UK.
It is an online university that utilizes programs and applications designed to
learn Quran and Arabic. It does not utilize third-party Video Conferencing
tools or programs.
.2Be in Quran Academy:
It is one of the leading online academies in teaching the Quran to non-
Arab speakers. There are courses for Quran Tajweed, Quran reading, Ijazah
course, Quran for kids and Quran for women.
3.Quran Ayat institute:
It is not only an online institute for learning Quran, but there are
lessons for learning Arabic and Islamic lessons.
.4Quran oasis:
It has many online courses for learning Quran for adults and kids and
also for learning Arabic.

The difference between learning online Quran and traditional

Traditional method has a lot of disadvantages, for example:
 It takes a lot of time.
 It isn’t a comfort method.
 No records to review.
 It will take a lot of money.
 The traditional method needs a specific time to learn.

You can Learn Quran online at any age, but we recommend learning
Quran for kids as early as possible. Quran will be your friend, and you
will not be alone. The holy word of Allah becomes etched into your mind
and heart forever. Also, learning the online Quran will strengthen your
Arabic language.

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