Benefits of learning Quran with Eijazah

  • Our Ijazah classes are online, so one can learn Ijazah by joining any regular class
  • Can learn Ijazah in a small interval of time
  • Our online course for Ijazah is very reasonable
  • We have an Qualified Quran Teachers for our online classes
  • World’s Best Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults
  • Our online classes are accessible in English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu Language.
  • Our online classes are accessible seven days a week and for 24/78 hrs. So you can attend classes according to your easiness.

Easy and effective:

Online classes of Ijazah from the Qualified Quran Teachers are elementary to understand and are useful. You can choose any language, as classes are accessible in English, Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu Language so it becomes easy to understand. To attend our online classes, you need Computer/Laptop and Internet connection. You can also use excess these classes from mobile too. If you want to check the effectiveness of courses, then take a trial pack of 2 lessons

Time-saving and convenient:

Our Online classes are timesaving and convenient as to join our online courses you need not move anywhere. You can learn Ijazah by sitting in your bedroom with the comfort. So it saves your lot of time and makes convenient for you to learn Ijazah. So if you are very busy and want to learn Islamic education, then Eijazah institute is a good option

Islamic teachings:

As in this up to date society, our kids are moving away from the culture and Islam. But if you are the person who wants that your kids aware about Islam then join Eijazah institute, as it is an easy way to teach kids and adults about the Islam. Along with Quran learning, we will empower you to have a proper understanding of teachings of Islam
Makeup classes: We also provide special makeup classes for our students. But to attend our specialization courses, you have to give 1-day prior notice. In our online makeup classes, you can learn a lot of techniques, which help you in our daily life

Who we are

Do you want to learn more detail regarding Ijazah, Quran and Arabic language then Eijazah institute online classes is a good option for you? We are online tutor sites, which provide knowledge of different Islam courses online. We at Eijazah institute offer online Quran and Arabic classes for kids and adults. Also, we have advanced courses for Ijazah, Quran, and Arabic language. Here you can learn how to read and write the Arabic language. So you can join these classes by sitting in your bedroom and does not matter where you are. This site was begun to pass on information regarding the Holy Quran and teach Arabic languages to students who desire to learn Arabic languages.

Our online classes are very reasonable in rates. So you can join this if you have a small budget. The one other best factor about our classes is that we have expert female staff also. So now those women who want to learn Arabic language but hesitate to join classes because of male staff can join us. Our all staff has is very experience and cooperative with the students. Also, our payment gateway is very secure and safe. We review all of our online classes to make sure that they are running smooth and high-quality services.

Learn the Quran online and the Arabic language for non-Arabs

Are you intrigued by the beauty and wisdom of the Quran, but feel hesitant because you don’t speak Arabic? Nowadays, learning the Quran online has become more accessible than ever, offering a convenient and effective way to understand the teachings of Islam. Here are some categories of resources and tools that can help you embark on this enlightening journey:

In the Quran:

  • Understanding the contextual meaning of verses: Various online platforms provide interactive guides and explanations to help you comprehend the messages conveyed in the Quran.
  • Exploring the stories within the Quran: Dive deeper into the narratives of the prophets mentioned in the Quran. Learn about their struggles, victories, and the valuable lessons from their lives.
  • Reflecting on the guidance: Discover the wisdom hidden within the verses of the Quran, allowing them to inspire personal growth and a deeper connection with your faith.

Quran for the Family:

Interactive lessons for children: Engage your children in fun and educational activities that teach them the basic principles of Islam. Online tutors can guide them through the recitation, understanding, and memorization of Quranic verses.
Resources for spouses: Strengthen the bond between you and your spouse by exploring the teachings of the Quran together. Online courses can guide building a harmonious and righteous relationship based on Islamic values.

Quran Questions:

Fatwa services: If you have specific questions regarding Islamic practices or interpretations of Quranic verses, seek guidance from reputable scholars through online fatwa services.
Q&A forums: Engage in online dialogues with knowledgeable individuals who can provide insights on various aspects of the Quran.

Quran Self-Help:

Quranic therapy: Discover the healing properties of reciting and reflecting upon the Quran. Online platforms offer programs that combine traditional therapeutic techniques with Quranic teachings to address emotional and psychological challenges.
Personal growth through the Quran: Embrace the transformative power of the Quran by incorporating its teachings into your daily life. Online resources can guide you in applying the Quranic lessons to improve various aspects of your personal development.

Teaching Quran:

Online Quran tutors: Learn the Arabic language and the Quran from qualified tutors who can provide personalized guidance and support in your learning journey.
Quran memorization courses: If you aspire to memorize the entire Quran, online courses offer comprehensive programs with experienced tutors who follow a systematic approach to help you achieve this noble goal.


Online Arabic language lessons: Enhance your understanding of the Quran by learning the Arabic language. Online language courses can equip you with the skills to read, write, and speak Arabic proficiently.
Resources for non-Arabic speakers: From video tutorials to translation apps, numerous online tools are available to non-Arabic speakers seeking to understand the Quran’s message without being fluent in Arabic.
Embarking on the journey of learning the Quran online and understanding the Arabic language provides immense personal and spiritual growth. Take advantage of the abundance of resources available, and let the wisdom of the Quran illuminate your path toward a deeper connection with your faith.

Best Quran Learning Classes for Non-Arabs

If you are a non-Arab seeking to learn the Quran, look no further – we have the perfect solution for you. Our Quran learning classes are specifically designed to cater to the needs of non-Arabs, ensuring a smooth and effective learning experience.
With our expert teachers who are well-versed in both Arabic and the Quran, you will receive personalized attention and guidance. We understand the challenges you may face, from pronunciation to understanding the meanings of the verses.
That is why we have carefully structured our curriculum to provide you with a solid foundation in Arabic, while also focusing on Quranic recitation and comprehension.
Don’t waste another day without learning the Quran – join our classes now and embark on a fulfilling journey of spiritual growth.

Can You Understand the Holy Quran Without Learning Arabic?

Table: Pros and Cons of Understanding the Quran without Learning Arabic

In conclusion, while it is possible to understand the Holy Quran without learning Arabic through translations, it is important to recognize its limitations. Translations may differ in interpretations and meanings, lacking the depth and spiritual essence of the original Arabic text. If one seeks a complete understanding of the Quran, learning Arabic is essential to fully comprehend the message and apply its teachings in life.

Assalamualaikum, dear friends!

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  • Our team of highly qualified instructors is committed to providing a seamless and enriching virtual classroom experience. They possess extensive knowledge of Quranic studies and possess the expertise to guide you every step of the way.
  • With flexible scheduling options, you can now easily fit your lessons into your busy routine. Whether you’re a working professional, a student, or a homemaker, our program is designed to accommodate your unique needs
  • Our cutting-edge online platform offers a wide array of interactive and multimedia resources, ensuring an engaging learning experience that suits your learning style. 
  •  Unlock the mysteries of the Arabic language and gain profound insights into the Quran’s teachings. From basic vocabulary to advanced grammatical structures, our curriculum guarantees a gradual and comprehensive approach. 
  •  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Register now and embark on a transformative journey towards developing a profound connection with the Quran and the Arabic language. Let us nurture your guidance-seeking soul and unlock the treasures that wait within these sacred pages. 
  •  For more information and to enroll, visit our website or send us a private message. Let this be the first step on your enlightening journey, and remember, the Quran awaits your discovery

The Vital Role of Qualified Quran Teachers in Islamic Education

The Quran, as the holy book of Islam, holds a central place in the hearts and lives of Muslims worldwide. Its teachings guide the faithful in every aspect of life, from moral conduct to worship practices. Given its importance, learning to recite and understand the Quran correctly is paramount, a task entrusted to qualified Quran teachers. These educators play a critical role in teaching the Arabic language and correct pronunciation and instilling a deep respect and understanding of the Quran’s profound messages.

Qualifications of Quran Teachers

  1. Educational Background: A strong educational foundation in Islamic studies, Arabic language, and Tajweed is essential. Many qualified teachers have degrees from esteemed Islamic universities or have undergone rigorous certification processes in Quranic recitation and teaching.
  2. Experience: Teaching the Quran requires patience, understanding, and a deep love for imparting knowledge. Experienced teachers can navigate education challenges effectively, making learning a fulfilling experience for students.
  3. Spiritual Commitment: Teachers must embody the teachings of the Quran in their own lives, serving as role models for their students. Their commitment inspires a similar dedication in those they teach.
  4. Pedagogical Skills: Effective Quran teachers possess strong pedagogical skills, understanding how to engage students, make the material accessible, and stimulate a love for learning about the Quran.

Finding Qualified Quran Teachers

  1. Islamic Educational Institutions: Many communities have Islamic schools or centers where qualified teachers conduct Quran classes.
  2. Online Platforms: The rise of digital learning has made it easier to find qualified Quran teachers globally. Numerous online platforms offer courses with certified instructors, providing flexibility and access to top-tier education.
  3. Mosques and Community Centers: Mosques often host Quran classes led by qualified teachers. These community spaces can be excellent resources for finding reputable educators.
  4. Referrals and Recommendations: Word of mouth from friends, family, and community members can be a valuable way to find respected and effective Quran teachers.

Conclusion: A Foundation for Life

Qualified Quran teachers are invaluable to the Islamic community, providing the foundation upon which individuals build their understanding of Islam. Their role goes beyond mere instruction; they guide their students towards a meaningful connection with their faith, enriching their spiritual and moral lives. In doing so, they preserve the sanctity and accuracy of Quranic recitation and ensure that its timeless teachings continue to guide future generations.

Importance of Qualified Quran Teachers

  • Mastery of Tajweed: Qualified Quran teachers possess a deep understanding of Tajweed, the set of phonetic and linguistic rules used in Quranic recitation. This knowledge ensures that the sacred text is recited precisely as revealed, preserving its meaning and beauty.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Beyond linguistic proficiency, these educators provide spiritual guidance. They help students connect with the Quran’s teachings, fostering a deeper sense of faith and understanding of Islamic principles.
  • Cultural Transmission: Qualified Quran teachers act as bridges between generations, transmitting not just the language of the Quran but also the rich cultural and historical contexts surrounding its revelation. This helps students appreciate the Quran’s relevance in contemporary times.
  • Personalized Learning: Understanding that each student has unique learning needs, qualified teachers adapt their teaching methods accordingly. This personalized approach ensures effective learning, accommodating different ages, backgrounds, and learning speeds.
  • Moral and Ethical Development: Through stories and teachings from the Quran, teachers impart lessons on morality, ethics, and character development. This education is vital in nurturing well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to their communities.