Aqeedah Course

Aqeedah Course

Aqeedah course

The course focuses on faith in Allah (SWT) while giving a description of the Day of Judgment and life after your death. It additionally outlines the limits of faith and disbelief and its results in the Hereafter. Aqeedah is likely one of the most critical and essential subjects in the study of Islam. It deals with a detailed namely the belief in Allah, life after death and predestination, the revealed books, and the six pillars of faith.

The theme of the Course

This main focus around the Aqeedah as explained in the popular and broadly acknowledged and acclaimed Creed of Imam Tahawi (al-Aqeedah al-Tahawiyyah). The course will demonstrate the fundamentals of the statement of faith that separate the Ahlussunah from others and will look at the premise of the Ahlussunnah positions given the Qur’an and Sunnah. The course will feature the historical rise of straying orders and the fault lines of distinction that made them go astray. Contemporary debates, contrasts, and groups will also be inspected while talking about issues, for example, the characteristics of Allah, the situation of the four khalifs and their initiative, rationality, and shari’a, the conclusion of prophethood, and so on.

Description of the Aqeedah Course

Aqeedah’s course is the study of the fundamental ideology of Muslims starting with the nature of Allah, and His relationship with humankind. The class will focus on the traditional understanding of Allah as far as His substance, His characteristics, and His properties. Historical contentions and ideological developments will be discussed quickly but will be discussed more in-depth in different courses. Candidates will define an understanding concerning Allah and the difference distinctive originations of Allah and their ontological repercussions.

Objectives and Goals

The Aqeedah classes are intended to give candidates an extensive understanding of the Creed of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah. Named as the Fiqh al-Akbar (“The Highest Understanding”) by the scholar Imam Abu Hanifa, the study of Aqeedah at Madina Institute SA expects to give applicants an educated and intelligible portrayal of the fundamentals of the Islamic faith.


  • Gain an extensive understanding of the essentials and elements of Islam
  • Will have the capacity to elucidate the standards and attributes of Tawhid
  • Relate the importance of the Quran, Sunnah, and Tawhid to Islamic perspective and Aqeedah 


Who can take this Course?

The following are the basic requirements of this course:

  • High School Diploma/GED Certificate
  • Strong aptitude for the genuine study of the Islamic Sciences and also an expectation to contribute emphatically to one’s community by the completion of the program.
  • Basic knowledge in Fiqh and Tazkiyah would be preferred.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with at least one Juz’ of Quran retained, either in it’s completely, or a combination of Quranic sections.

Topics covered:

There are various courses which are offered online are as follows-:

Pillars of Faith

This course covers the third Category of Aqeedah the significance of confidence in revelation, Signs of the Last Day and the Day of Resurrection, Understanding faith in Destiny, Status of the Prophet’s Companions, Abandonment of Deviants and Obedience to Rulers. This course enables the candidates to understand the various rules representing the right understanding of the Divine Names and Attributes of Allah.

Religious Extremism

This course gives a general introduction to the primary assortments of religious radicalism right now, and also their historical antecedents. It isn’t focused barely around terrorist or violence inclined gatherings, but instead on the more extensive milieus from which those brutal fringe components develop, and gives a comprehension of schisms and the arrangement of factions. Since relatively every religious convention has extremist components, the sorts overviewed incorporate Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu variations, and also the most vital subcategories that fall inside these religious customs

Comparative Religion

This course will take a gander at the roots, improvement, and beliefs of some of the significant world religions. The main focus of this course will be a study of Christianity, taking a gander at the initiation of the New Testament, a study of the verifiable Jesus, and the development of Christian convictions and lessons in the first couple of hundreds of years.

Students can join the course from any part of the world through the various mode of connection like online registration, email us or call us.

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