Islamic History Online Course

Islamic History Online Course

Islamic History Online Course

Many Scholars believe that Islam is the last and universal religion of God and has a unique history of internal revival, reformation, and should be rejuvenated. In Islamic history, we study the full history of Islam, from the very beginning of Islam creation until recent history. It contains the life history of the Prophet Mohammad and the creation of the Quran. The development of Islamic history was very fast. It was full of tribulations and deals with many other cultures and religions and systems. 

We ensure that the student will know and learn everything in detail about Islam history, its importance, and its use while understanding the holy book of the Quran and to implement the uses in life. Also, taking an online Islamic history class is very convenient. One doesn’t have to spend time traveling to the tutor, or having their tutor travel to them. One just needs a stable Internet connection and put on a shirt and has an impromptu class in their bedroom or drawing room or wherever they want.

The theme of the Course:

Online Islamic history Course is mainly aimed to teach students of all ages about the uniqueness of their culture and events of importance in the past. As the food we eat makes up our bodies, our history makes our minds. From past experiences, we get to know the ideas, concepts, preferences, and sentiments i.e. our history makes us human as an impact of our past. Whether it is an individual, or an institution or a nation as a whole, they get their identity from their unique and rich histories.  

Description of the Course:

The Online Islamic History Course covers the entire history of Islam from the very beginning of its creation until recent history. The syllabus is so designed to inculcate identity and pride towards Islamic History and to know the achievements of Muslims over the eras and years. Loss of our identity leaves us aimless and without any purpose, like a ship that does not have a destination and depends on the merciless winds. The loss of identity has been described in the Quran as a punishment from Allah. 

The Quran is not only a book of random theories of laws governing the societies; neither it is a list of what to do and what not to do. But actually, Our Creator, Allah, has chosen storytelling as the mode to educate as well as caution the people and mankind. All successful preachers, scholars, and teachers have a good grasp of Islamic history. Islamic history sometimes refers to the history of Muslims. But the Quran not only contains the history of Muslims but also the history of rebel nations. Without learning and understanding, Islamic history parts of the Holy Quran are irrelevant to its believers.

Goals and Implementation of the Course:

Our main goal is to spread the Quran education and the teachings of Allah around the world. Through easy and quality teachings being brought to people’s homes via online classes, our motive is to let everyone know about the history of Islam and its relevance to the Holy Quran.

After taking this course the students will:

  • I have a desire to get benefit from the past.
  • Fear Allah And will have faith in Him
  • Respect and preach the Quran
  • Spread the message of the Quran
  • Learn why some things are stated right and some wrong in the Quran
  • Learn to Sacrifice and struggle and make efforts.

Who should take this course?

No restrictions are there on those who want to learn Islam history online. All Muslim children should learn the fundamental history of their religion, which includes how to follow the prophet’s example of faith and life.  Anyone who wishes to learn Islam history will have a better understanding of the cause and reasons behind the verses of the Quran. Thus every Muslim should take up the online. Also, anyone who wishes to learn Islamic history further can also take up this course for strengthening their knowledge about the Quran. Our renowned and expert tutors will always be there to clear any doubts that maybe there in students’ minds and clarify it.

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