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Online Egyptian Quran teachers can be hired for Quran lessons for themselves and their children. An Arab teacher from Egypt will have more knowledge of Tajweed and recitation of the Holy Quran. Egypt is known as a center for masters of recitation because there are many famous reciters of the Quran. The most famous is Qari Siddiq Ahmad Manshawi and Qari Abdul Basit.

The Qur’an is said to have been revealed in Arabs and recited by the Egyptians. Why do people want to learn from an Egyptian Qur’an teacher? Many people want to have a Qur’an teacher to take the Qur’an classes and lessons, but they wanted to make an Egyptian Qur’an teacher. This is due to the fact that they really know the truth about the tone of the Egyptian recitation and their authentic knowledge and understanding of how to read the Qur’an.


When an Arab-Egyptian teacher recites the Qur’an, you can see the touching sound and its ups and downs in the recitation. Can feel The meaning of the verse they recite is known. When someone recites, they keep in mind the meaning of the Qur’an, which is more important for reading the Qur’an with understanding and also for the heart touching. This is the secret of Egyptian teachers’ popularity. We also have female teachers of the Egyptian Qur’an. Do you need an authentic Qur’an teacher like this? If you want to be a Quran teacher who has such qualities then you are in the right place to choose TarteeleQuran.


We hire Egyptian Quran teachers for you and train them to teach online. Our specialists offer them online jobs and then interview them. Depending on their ability, we hire people who are good at reading and teaching the basic subject of Tajweed and Tarteel. He has certificates for teaching Qiraat and other famous Tajweed books such as Shatbia, Jazaria, and even all ten recitations. Let us know if you would like such a teacher and we will offer you a free trial class for it. Let’s join us.



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    So to learn quran online With Qualified Quran Teachers will be very good thing to do in your life and for your kids too.

  • Qualified Quran TeachersThanks to Allah, Islam has spread and now there are many new Muslims in non-
    Arab countries. They have no idea about Islam or any general idea what they
    should do to be a good Muslim, that what should they learn what to do and what
    they must not do. So, they want to know about their religion, Islam. Also, new
    Muslims must learn Quran, Allah’s words. They seek for learning Quran through
    Quran lessons and classes to join whatever it is online or offline.
    Quran teachers work all over the word and intend to teach people about the
    religion, Islam and help them to learn the Quran to memorize it and to understand
    it. Many Quran teachers seek for achieving the goal of their profession as Muslim
    at first and teacher as well. Any one holding Ijazah and can speak English whoever
    man or woman, have a dream which is to teach Quran for new Muslims and to call
    people to convert to Islam.
    So, teaching Quran is not easy and is not difficult; it is not easy because it is not
    like any material, teachers provide the student with it. No, it is the Holy Quran,
    they are responsible for teaching new Muslims what the Quran is and how to
    memorize it and also how to recite it in the way Allah revealed it to our prophet
    And it is not a difficult job also because Quran teachers have great knowledge of
    Islamic studies and the Quran, they work as a teacher to help people learning
    Quran to have the awards of memorizing and teaching others. So, they have a goal
    and they want to achieve it, it is not just like any professional or any job, they have
    paid for it in Donia and after.
    So, not anyone memorizes Quran and learns about Islamic studies can be a Quran
    teacher. you need to be qualified for it, even if you memorize Quran but you still
    should be qualified for that job.
    So, what are the qualifications to be a qualified Quran teacher and be able to
    educate people?
    1. Native Arab teacherThe first thing, the teacher must be native Arab teacher because the Quran is in
    Arabic so he must be native of the Arabic language. And to learn Quran is not to
    memorize it only but to learn Arabic Language also. Arab native teacher will
    provide students with general background of the Arabic language and the Arab
    culture which is the culture of Islam and Arabic is the language of Islam. Native
    Arab teacvhers pronounce correctly because Arabic is their native language so you
    need to be a Native Arab one.
    Having Ijazah certificate
    Quran teacher must have Ijazah. Ijazah is a program which confirmed that the
    teacher is perfect in memorizing Quran and understanding and applying the rules
    of Tajweed, Tajweed is the rules of sounds and the Grammar of Quran. When the
    teacher has Ijazah in memorizing and recitation, it means that he is a high qualified
    teacher which means that he is ready for teaching Quran.
    Ijazah has two types:
    a. Quran Recitation Ijazah.
    b. Quran Memorization Ijazah.
    Knowledge of Islamic studies
    Quran teachers should have background and knowledge of the Islamic studies like
    Fiqh, Tafseer and Hadith. Quran teachers should provide the students with general
    knowledge and general background on the Islamic studies to know something on
    their religion, like Tafseer which is the interpretation of the Holy Quran. so, it
    helps students to understand what they read or what they memorize, it helps in the
    memorizing process. Also, Hadith is so important, it is the tradition of our prophet
    Muhammad and his sayings and actions. so, all Muslims should study Hadith and
    memorize any tradition of our prophet to practice. Fiqh is the Islamic law, students
    should know some laws of their religion, Islam to know what they should do and
    what they mustn't you.
    English Accent
    Quran teachers must be proficient or very good in English because English is the
    central language among students and teacher. So, in addition to the past
    qualifications, the Quran teachers must be proficient in English accent to be able to
    treat with students and to be flexible with them. They need a moderate language to
    speak by to understand each other.Teaching Quran has great benefits in learning new Muslims the religion and
    Allah’s book, and Our prophet Muhammad said “the best among you, Muslims are
    those who learn the Quran and teach it.”
    Now after talking about the general qualifications and the most important ones, we
    Also, the Quran teachers should have a closed relationship with their students.
    when students love the teacher and love his flexibility, they will love the material
    which is the Quran. They will love memorizing it and they will try as much as they
    can, to imitate the teacher and recite the Quran as the teacher recites. It is so
    important for the teacher to be flexible and he should explain to them the Islamic
    studies and anything related to Islam in a very simple way and very interesting.
    They will try to practice Quran and they will love to know new things every
    session they have with the teacher, so all Quran teachers have a great responsibility
    of making people love Quran and love Islam and by experience they will be well
    known and be loved. Because Quran is not only for reading but for applying,
    Quran teachers should be an example for their students.
    Finally, Qualified Quran Teacher should be native Arab one that makes the
    students learn from him fast and also, they will pronounce correctly like him, they
    will learn some important truth about the Arab culture. And, he should hold Ijazah
    and understand all the rules of Quran and all the grammar that helps students to
    study Tajweed because he could explain it to them. Moreover,  Quran Teachers
    should know the basics of Islamic studies to make the students know some laws
    and all the meaning of Quran.
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