Benefits of learning Quran online

Benefits of learning Quran online

Imagine a text which answers all our doubts, understands our pains and sufferings, finds solutions to every kind of problem, and Snatch us away from shackles of distrust and wrongdoings. Quran is a perfect answer if you are looking for any such text and you will surely find peace and solace once you read this text. Living on a land of diverse culture, religion, we often find ourselves amid chaos and confusion and it is perfectly normal for mankind to become lost and baffled. Many read the Quran for the sake of gaining knowledge while others do it for strengthening their belief. You will definitely gain a lot of strength and knowledge if you are reading the Quran, no matter for what purpose you are doing it. With the advent of technology and batter internet facilities, reading Quran through online sources has become more prevalent. People find it more convenient to read this esteemed holy book through the tablets, phones, or tablets. Quran is technically made up of thirty books which are individually known as Para or Juz. Carrying this esteemed holy book all the time is not convenient for anyone and it becomes immensely critical to carry this book safely through places. From this viewpoint, tablets and cell phones can bring comfort to our life while providing the facility of reading the Quran in every corner of the world.
Available online resources for learning Quran

Every human including a layman or a religious expert knows the fact that the Quran can be read through online resources. However, very few people know about the actual online platforms available online. You can easily download applications, use YouTube videos, or various websites for acquiring knowledge. Videos of Mufti Menk are gaining eminence worldwide for finding the real and symbolic meaning present in the text of the Quran. The one and hundred Surah’s of Quran-e- Paak will definitely gain your attention and will take you to the land of truthfulness and reality. Through online resources, experts and knowledgeable people are imparting their understanding regarding Surah’s via online resources.

Applications for learning Quran online

Various applications can be downloaded through play stores which can further help you in reciting and listening to the Quran. The famous applications including i- Quran lite, Ayat al Quran are available on the play store of Google and it can only be used in android phones. However, one should take care while downloading these applications as some apps are designed are mere distortion and wrong teachings. Any wrong knowledge or interpretation regarding the book or religion will take us one step closer to darkness and confusion. In other words, it is important to download applications where only authentic elements are present.
Online discussion on Quran and its effect on students

Our discussion will remain incomplete if we ignore the importance of online Quran tutors. Religious teachings are mandatory for people of every religion and hence Muslim parents too put their best efforts to educate their children about Islam and its rules. This need of educating children about their core gives birth to online Quran tutors. A few years back, people either used home tutors or religious schools popularly known as Madarsas for educating the little ones and elders about religion. However, the scenario has changed to a large extent as now we can also include online tutors for teaching the Quran. Easy accessibility and fixed price makes it easy for the parents to educate their children in their own vicinity. It will save the expenses of parents as now they need not spend money on the fare and which was required before for traveling from one place to another. Parents are finding online teaching as a more cost-effective and transparent method for learning the basic teachings of the Quran.
This has not only created convenience for the children and parents but also for the tutors who can reach any part of the world through online resources. The online Quran teaching helped tutors to gain more money as now they can teach and collect as many students as they want according to their own timings and convenience. One can easily register themselves on the concerned website either as a teacher or a student and take advantage of the online facility available.

Holy book Quran and its benefits

Quran is not only a holy book that mentions religious teachings of a particular religion. It regulates the life of human beings by emphasizing every aspect of human life. Even much scientific research is finding the teachings of the Quran apt and relevant. You cannot ignore this comprehensive text which not only highlighted our rights and duties but also stressed on every minute details of life. Humans, the son and daughter of Adam and Eve and are considered the most intelligent beings made by Allah. However, regulation of the animal instincts is important so that we do not become a slave to our needs and desires and the Quran makes sure that we follow a righteous path. Choosing the wrong path of pleasure and falling prey to desires would have become more common if the religious book Quran was not accessible to us. Today, people of all religions and customs are gaining interest in Islam religion because a holy book called the Quran is available. Anyone can download use websites, YouTube or higher online tutor to gain knowledge about the ethics of Islam religion. The online courses available on this righteous book will help you attain knowledge about every field of life whether it is health, wife, children, parents or coitus and online facilities makes our task easier as now we are only one click away from the information.
Many research and studies conducted proved that reading the Quran has a positive effect on the mind of the reader. Readers found themselves emotionally healed after reading this beautiful piece of gift from God. Surah’s and Dua’s are available for protection whether it is snake bite or natural calamity. At last, we can infer that God has bestowed upon us the gift in the form of the holy book “Quran” and we need to take its full advantage through online resources

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