Tips for reading the holy Quran online

Tips for reading the holy Quran online

Mastering Quran is the best way of strengthening the bond between us and Allah. Our forefathers believed in the same notion as they always remind us about the significance of our holy book. Reading and mastering the Quran takes a lot of effort and sometimes it becomes a cumbersome task to attain a certain level of expertise in the Quranic verses. Online mode of learning is the best answer to all our worries and tensions. Learning and acquiring knowledge through portable devices has become a new trend. It will be a misjudgment on our part if we underestimate the capability of the internet world. Muslims should be encouraged to participate in the online programs of mastering the Quran however it is not a random process of registering themselves in any program and following it blindly. The process of mastering the Quran involves certain rules and orders which should be followed in order to leverage from the online mode of learning. Alazhar classes bring to you the best way of mastering the Quran as they follow a definite set of rules and order which are mandatory for reading Quran online. It does not matter if a person wants to learn Quran from scratch or just want to find the in-depth meaning of the Quranic verses, you can solve all your queries through this online platform of learning. Certain tips will definitely support you in the learning process and hence its discussion will bring more clarity to your mind.

Comprehensive knowledge of vocabulary, sounds, and composition

“When the why is clear, the how is easy”, this is a famous quote seldom used in the field of academics and undoubtedly, it is applicable in the field of religious education as well. Imagine yourself mugging up the text and verses without even knowing the exact meaning of it. It is unfortunate to say but most home tutors and schools are spreading knowledge to their candidates which is temporary and incomplete in nature. How can you master a text if you are not well versed in its language? This will only lead to miscommunication and the spread of wrong information. Alazhar classes is a perfect place to explore all your options regarding the esteemed holy book Quran. This online platform will help you carve a niche in the world of religious knowledge by imparting a thorough knowledge of the Arabic language. Vocabulary, sound, and composition are the most elements of any language, and the team of Alazhar is truly aware of this reality. You can never master a language without acquiring a piece of solid information regarding these elements. Alazhar classes understand our dilemma and designed courses that help you grasp the crux of the matter without much effort.

Revision as a tool for reading the Quran

Gone are the days when recitation was the sole aim of religious education. Now, a knowledgeable person is the one who has acquired in-depth knowledge of the Quran. There are many youngsters and even old followers who can recite Quran but their ability to understand and memorize the Quran is almost nil. To combat this epidemic of half-knowledge and the inability to read the Quran, Alazhar classes provide you with important tools for learning the Quran. These tools include revision of the verses which were read or memorized in the previous classes. You cannot deny the significance of revision if you are aspiring to be a hafiz or an efficient reader. Reading the thirty Juz or Para with the right of kind of pronunciation is not a child’s play and it is mandatory to focus on revision if you are not aiming for failure. The team of Alazhar classes makes sure that their students don’t succumb to the pressure and read the holy book without any difficulty.

Significance of regularity

Before proceeding further, it has become extremely important to note down the importance of regularity during the process of reading and memorization. You cannot acquire comprehensive knowledge of any field without following regular classes or training. In this world of ruthless competition, it has become immensely difficult to catch up with a definite routine. The management of Alazhar understands the dilemma of our Muslim brothers and sisters and they provide their customers with the facility of attending classes according to the convenience. Team of Alazhar is working twenty-four-seven so that you can take classes according to your timetable. After all, winning a place in Jannah and the world simultaneously does not seem like a bad idea.

Assessment of weakness

A person needs to be aware of its strength as well as its weakness. Excelling in the art will become almost impossible if we do not work on our weaknesses and for that, you need to assess your cognitive abilities. Every person is different and judging with the same yardstick will lead to more harm than gain. Imagine two students who enrolled themselves on the same day but one accelerates at a much faster rate than the other. It is often claimed by professionals that practice is the only way to improve however this notion is incomplete. You need to understand the kind of forgetfulness you experience while memorizing the Quran. Some students can grasp the pronunciation of Surah’s in very little time while others take more time than usual. The team and experts of Alazhar classes are well informed of these technicalities. They take special care that no student of Alazhar classes lags behind during the training period. These experts have intense teaching experience as they can identify weak areas of their particular student and provides them with solutions simultaneously. A person can definitely sharpen its cognitive abilities through the extensive course of Hafiz Quran irrespective of its age.


A beautiful and cost-effective offer is waiting for our Muslim brothers and sisters in the form of online tutorial classes. However, following the basic set of guidelines is mandatory if you want to become a learner in a true sense. The online classes offered by Alazhar classes can make you an undisputed champion in the worldly matters and helps you in acquiring a definite place in the eyes of Allah the almighty. Don’t wait for the right moment, register your self today for the online classes and it is a guarantee that you will not regret your decision.

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