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The reciting of the Quran, Tajweed (Arabic: تَجْوِيدْ‎ ) is a set of rules for the correct accent of the letters with all their qualities and applying the various traditional methods of recitation (Qirat). In Arabic, the term Tajweed is acquired from three characters j-w-d, meaning improvement or to make something excellent. Practically, it gives meaning to every word its right while reciting the Holy book Quran.
Tajweed Definition
The word Tajweed is an Arabic word that verbally means ‘expertise’ or doing thing in appropriate manner’. It is originated from the identical words such that the word Jayyid, which stands for ‘good’. And when we relate it to the Quran, it gives the accurate meaning to every word of the Quran and gives right to characteristics to every word of Quran while Quran is recited by us, and observe regulations that are put into those words in unlike circumstances. By reciting the letters we provide letters by their proper and clear rights by giving the essential characteristics to each letter.
Tajweed Importance
Allah has sent the Book the Holy Quran and is the precise verses of Allah that He sent as an error free origin of prescription for human to spend a stable life. It provides us with guidance and rule of life and testimonial of the world hereafter. Considering Quran, the
Holy book so important, the Quran should be honestly recited accurately and clearly, so for there must not be created any kind of uncertainty or misinterpretation what so ever. Allah Almighty has told Muhammad sallallaahu wasalaum, His Prophet in Quran, verse which sense: “…And rehearse the Quran with sustained performance.” [Quran 73:4)
When we listen to Quran that is being narrated in clear and the correct manner is enough to soften even the rigid hearts. For both who are part of Islam or not Quran has a very sharp ,deep occurrence in their lives, regardless of the fact they do not get that what is being declared. Every person that is included in religion Islam recites Quran in five times prayer, but most of people do not notice that they are not narrating the Quran appropriately in accordance with principles of narration that is not just necessary for skillful reciter alone, but it is a duty of everyone of human that is part of Islam whenever he recites the Holy Quran.
Importance of Learning Quran with Tajweed Online
Tajweed means betterment and this term mention the improvement in the way of reading the Quran. When you want to improve your recitation, you have to read according to terms that are described. The rules will help you learn the correct accent of the Arabic letter. You learn to read the Arabic of the Quran by learning the correct articulation points. Tajweed is the grammar of the Quran Arabic. Reading the Quran with proper rules offers many rewards. So, one must put in all the rules when you are reciting the sacred Book of Allah. Reading the verses correctly is mandatory on every Muslim. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to read the Holy Book correctly. Reading the verses wrong is a sin and we must not commit this sin. Therefore, every one of us should Learn Quran with Tajweed that one should not commit mistakes.
Quran with Tajweed Online With Us
Due to the advancement, you can now learn Tajweed Quran online at homes. The students who do not know how to read the Quran can now learn with us. Tajweed course is very authentic. It teaches the fundamentals of the Arabic language and tells students how to pronounce the words. When you learn online, you will see that you are as effective as face-to-face learning. It teaches you how to read the Quran very effectively. When you attend the class, you learn through voice call and screen share. You can use social devices such as Skype on your devices. The lessons are connected and in the form of live sessions.

You will get to learn pronunciation of the Arabic letters in the Tajweed Online course. You will also learn the characteristics (sifat) of the letters. Some other things that you will also learn in Tajweed consist of laam, meem, and noon sakin, the mudood rules (lengthening), rules of stopping and more.
The motive of Tajweed
The Holy Quran is the sacred book which comprises of words of Allah, So anyone reciting it must take it very solemnly. The motive of the Science of Tajweed is to make the person clear and skilful while reciting letters of the Quran, keeping in mind to pronounce every letter in its correct form with the explained rules and regulations which are applied to it, lacking any inadequacy. Through this, the person reciting Quran can recite it in the way told by the messenger of god the Prophet Sallallaahu `alayhi WA salaam which was sent by Allah in the hands of Hazrat Jibreel who brought it in Arabic language.
The Arabic letter consist of things that is a Makhraj (a departure or the pronunciation point by which it is originated) and Sifaat (qualities and appearances). For the proper Tajweed being done, Makhraj and Sifaat of each word is very essential. Two letters have same exits or origination point by which it is mixed up easily .So, if an individual is not aware of the qualities of each symbol, he may change and mix the sense of the verses while reciting the Quran. Noticing the principles of Tajweed helps us Quran without committing errors in reading the Quran
Rules of Reciting Quran with Tajweed
Imam Muhammad Bin Al-Jizrii, May Allah bless him, who was a notable person and scholar of Hadith of the 9th century of Hijri, he specified in his poem that was famous, the details the terms, the principles and rules regulation of Tajweed.
“And implementing Tajweed is a problem of complete requirement, who doe not put on the Tajweed in to the Quran, and then an offender is he so the principles should be applied in Tajweed while reading Quran is duty of every person so that he may avoid the major and the minor mistakes that makes him a sinner and leads to sins.
The revelation sent by the angel Jibreel
The Quran was first discovered with Tajweed.. Hazrat Jibreel (Gabriel) narrated the Quran with order of Allah. The Prophet Muhammad rehearsed the Quran with Tajweed, for telling him the exact method to pronounce the letters of Quran in different situations telling him the method to narrate it. So, it is necessary for us that we should recite using these regulations for purpose of reciting the Quran precisely, genuine and real way.

The sayings of Allah is Quran
Allah has said every word in Quran, so the Muslims should take the narration of Quran solemnly. To give the narrator clear and exact pronunciation of every single word with the guidelines which is the purpose of Tajweed, which are regulated to it. By this way, the narrator can narrate the Quran with no altering the way by way which was used by the Prophet who received it by Jibreel who brought Allah’s revelation. Allah told us: “rehearse the Quran with sustained performance.” (Quran 73:4).
Tajweed helps you keep away from mistake
While we apply the rules of Tajweed so it is the first and foremost duty to avoid us from the huge faults in rehearsing the Quran. There are two forms of mistakes: one is the clear fault and the unknown error. Many of scholars think that the terms and rules are necessary for us to memorize and keep away from the obvious errors, is the duty of a person called (Fardh ‘Ayn), and we need to apply rules in Tajweed to avoid the mistakes which are not clearly seen and are mentioned as hidden mistakes and it is our religious duty to correct them which are termed as (Fardh Kifaayah).

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