Quran memorization course
 Every Muslim wishes to memorize the Quran. Although, most brothers and sisters whine that due to their tiring lifestyles, they don’t get enough time to dedicate to the memorization of the Holy Quran.
Various Islamic scholars, who mostly had committed the Quran to their deepest memory, have some noteworthy tips on how to virtuoso memorization of the Quran when even too busy with life.
1- Early morning memorization
Wake up early and, after offering Fajr prayers in the mosque, instead of dedicating your time to frivolous activities, spend several minutes memorizing the Quran.
2- Set Realistic Goals
You may be desirous of memorizing three to four pages every day, as this looks like a realistic goal. Although, you may give up soon due to the deficiency of time. Instead, lower your targets and initiate by memorizing a minimum of four to five lines every day.
3- Familiarity Technique
When you begin to memorize the Quran, you come across unfamiliar verses. Therefore, in order to memorize them, you can also write them down. Give read the written verses over and over again over the next few weeks in order to remember them fully.
4- Keep Daily Verses Close at Hand
You can keep the list of the daily Quran lesson in your handbag or pocket for easy access and may have some free minutes during the time you are waiting at a bus stop, an appointment at a doctor’s clinic, etc.
You can also get the help of Quran memorization apps to keep yourself on track with your memorization goals.
5- Recite What You Memorize In Every Salah
To further strengthen your memorization, you can recite everyday verses in the five daily prayers. In every raka, you can alternate amid the five verses you remembered the same day or earlier.
6- Track Your Goals
If a single page of the Holy Quran consists of at least fifteen lines, you will have memorized two pages by the end of the week, and the pattern will continue until you have fully memorized the Quran. Furthermore, you can learn verse by verse with translation.
7- Distraction Free Environment
It is excellent to memorize the Holy Quran in an isolated room with a minute or no commotion at all. When the atmosphere is quiet, you will be fully able to heighten your focus on memorization. For instance, you can turn off your mobile and laptop and focus solely on the Quran so as to increase attention.
8- Assess What You Memorize as Much as Possible Every Day
For the memorization of the Holy Quran, it is very significant to brush up on each and every verse you learn. Use these techniques:
• Initiate new memorization at the beginning of the day.
• Reread the verses you remembered in the prior week before you go on board with starting new memorization.
• All through the same day at some other time, also reread the verses you have learned in the previous week.
How to prepare for our memorization course:
Holy Quran memorization needs the students to show loyal behavior towards the task. Classes for online Quran memorization make it very convenient and easy for the apprentices to memorize each and every surah, but it demands a lot of keenness, self-restraint, and a solemn inclination to put in the essential work. Learn Quran with Tajweed endorses that learners pledge to a long-term calendar, as it can take months to years for comprehensive and in-depth memorization.
Besides, the inadequacies of human memory require a lot of revision of the lessons. In spite of these encounters, Learn Quran with Tajweed has the riggings required for learners to get to the top. Our expert tutors have the best educational training to apply to Quranic lessons and principles, giving an esteemed setting that encourages memorization.
Now, if you are sure that you can keep up with the pace and are willing to take the challenging Course of your life, contact us and enroll now before the spots get filled.
About the Course
In this Course, you will develop six new habits. Each habit will make a huge change in your Memorization Ability. Many people who have taken this Course before were able to memorize the whole of the Holy Quran in a very short span of time.
This Course is deliberate for all age groups, either young or adults. This Quran memorization course really has a state-of-the-art and easy way to Memorize the Quran.
The memorization Course progresses through the following steps:
a) Make yourself a Goal Map.
b) Quantum Reading Technique
c) Scan Reading Technique
d) Initial Memorization Technique
e) Forgetfulness types and their solving.
f) Deep Memorization
This stage-by-stage preparation will let you be able to memorize the whole of the Holy Quran as a final thing in a short time.
Learners will:
1. Learn the Forgetfulness types and how to solve them.
2. Be able to memorize around ten pages every day.
3. Be able to memorize the Holy Quran in minimum time.
4. Know the simplest way to memorize the Quran
5. A Quick and Easy Way to Memorize the Quran.
6. If you have queries, you will always have access to us as a resource of information.
Let’s begin your Course before the winter session intakes close. Register with us and study with experienced professionals on our doorstep.
Number of classes to cover the memorization course
The total number of classes will be defined built on the capacity of the learner to engage and memorize the Holy Quran and will be based on the program that the learner picks from the subsequent:
1- Memorization of the last 30 Surahs.
2- Memorization of some specific Surahs selected by the learner.
3- Memorization of the whole of the Holy Quran.
Eligibility Criteria:
• Anyone who can read the Quran in the Arabic language.
• Maximum one hour of free time in the day.
• A PC/mobile, a fast internet connection, and a Quran.

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