Quran Memorization Course

Quran Memorization Course

Quran Memorization Course

Quran is the most important as well as a fundamental religious text for all Muslims. Since many verses of the Holy Quran are repeated during daily prayers, most people are only able to memorize a few verses while reciting the entire Quran from memory is not easy for them. That is where the Quran memorization course comes in. The Quran memorization course includes the professional help of certified tutors to memorize the Quran by following the proper and most effective ways of retaining the entire text in memory. Besides memorizing different parts of the Quran in the beginning, the course will also familiarize you with the ways to increase or decrease the pace of memorization.

The theme of the Course:

This course is centered on providing online memorization courses on the Quran. We provide learning techniques not only for mastering the memorization of the Quran but also for learning the correct mannerisms for reading it and applying it in real life. This course is mainly focused on making memorizing the Holy Quran exciting, fun, and easy for those who are dedicated to fluently reciting it.

Description of the Course:

The interactive and engaging Quran memorization course by Al Azhar Quran teaching is quite useful for those who want to start memorizing Quran classes online without forgetting it ever. Learning the Quran by heart is a gradual process, which involves regular revision of the memorized part, which is also known as morajah. The tutors on a regular basis take this up. In general, memorization of any text takes a lot of dedication, discipline, and determination to reach its goal, which is quite unlike the recitation course. In the case of the Holy Quran, it is even more difficult as the student must also focus on correct pronunciation and points of short and long pauses.

One may find it tough to remember the verses in the initial days of the course, but gradually one gets comfortable with it. Every student can learn at his or her pace in a comfortable environment as the online classes are held via video or voice calls on Skype or Zoom apps. The tutor reads the verse with Tajweed and then asks the students to repeat after him. This process is repeated many times until the student can read the verse clearly without any obvious mistakes. Then the tutors proceed with the following verse. This systematic way of learning is tried and tested with all the students.

Learning Quran comfortable in a safe and secure environment is the best way to memorize the Quran as well as understand the deep meanings of the verses. Al Azhar Quran Teaching ensures that female teachers are assigned to younger children and female students. Moreover, the student need not be in direct visual contact with the teacher if they do not feel at ease. This is one of the biggest advantages of opting for the online Quran memorization course.

Goals and objectives of the course:

  • Our goal is to make the Quran memorization affordable and easily possible for students of any age, gender, and nationality.
  • Regular recitation and practice of the Quran with Tajweed is an excellent way for appreciating and grasping the wisdom that Quran imparts. We strive to allow our students to benefit greatly from the memorization of the Holy Quran in their daily lives.
  • The aim of online learning is not only to pass on the knowledge of this ancient religious text but also to let the students of any age group get the benefits of this holy book by paying full attention. There are almost zero distractions in online classes.  
  • We wish to make learning the Quran via the online medium the most comfortable for any student so that he or she can retain everything they learn.

Who should take this course?

The course is exactly apt for those who can read Quranic or classical Arabic easily, with the correct pronunciation. Even if the students can simply read the text without understanding it, they can enroll in this course Quran tutor will take it step-by-step with them. In case the student cannot read classical Arabic, then he or she can enroll for Quran recitation or Classical Arabic courses and then enroll for this course in order to memorize the holy text for life.

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