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Holy Quran is the expression of Allah and is considered very imperative for the Muslim community. Every committed Muslim desire to study and comprehend the Quran. Allah has conversed with Muslims through the Quran with the assistance of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It is also one of the key foundations of Sharia (ethical and legal code through which Muslims are anticipated to live their lives. Hence, it is of vivacious standing that kids from Muslim families learn the Holy Quran, starting from Norani Qaidah at a young age.
Qualified Quran Teachers have aided in this important resolution very well.

The following features of Qualified Quran Teachers  are striking for the Muslim world.

Skilled Teachers

Our skilled teachers can teach the Holy Quran with Tajweed and translation. We have teachers who are fit and qualified to demonstrate to the kids not just the language of the Quran but also the spirit of it. This site offers rudimentary learning and information about Quran to children. The competent and experienced teachers available make sure that the kid proficiently comprehends the Quran.
Here, Quran learning is carried out by knowledgeable Quran Teachers who know all the conducts of teaching the Quran while using the internet. It is due to this quality service that Qualified Quran Teachers  have contented students all over the world.

Flexible Timing

As the busy schedules of kids do not allow them to have much free time to learn Quran, Qualified Quran Teachers have pros in that they can set their own time according to their schedule. Also, the time can be changed if the schedule changes.

Treasurable Gift for Kids

Qualified Quran Teachers  is the best gift you can offer to your children. It aids them in appreciating the code of conduct laid down by Allah Almighty that will assist them in becoming enhanced and pious Muslim and, accordingly, a prolific fellow of society.

One-on-one sessions

This website also offers one-to-one training. The requirement to send children outside the grounds of their homes is no longer compulsory. This is a foremost advantage for parents that do not have Quran tutors accessible nearby. The comfort of supple timings, that is, classes can be set after a reciprocated meeting among tutors and parents.

Gratification of Parents

Qualified Quran Teachers suggests a lot of compensation to working parents that can organize classes for their kids possessing their timetables in check. It eradicates the logistical glitches, timing snags, and in some cases, the safety trepidations as well that some parents might think of. Parents can also monitor the classes without troubling both the kid and the tutor. Parents can debate with the tutor the content of what is being taught to their kids. They can also choose Tajweed, translation, and Tafseer courses for their kids. This means that their kid can gain not only familiarity with the language of the Quran but also its essence.

How do E-Quran Classes work?

Quran education and comprehension are legitimately guileless with Qualified Quran Teachers. The tutors and learners are linked over the internet, and all that is essential is a decent internet connection, headsets, and screen-sharing software for lesson-watching purposes.
The facilities on the website are accessible 24/7, and the sign-up procedure is exceptionally simple! For all novel learners, the site gives a welcome one-week trial of Quran lessons. So what are you waiting for? Register now to start the education of the Quran straight away!
Qualified Quran Teachers has recognized itself as a trademark in setting up online Quran learning services. If a kid attains elementary knowledge of the Quran at an early age, it becomes stress-free for them to tail the wisdom of Islam in maturity.
Qualified Quran Teachers conceitedly offers the following chief courses to the kids to learn Quran online.


This course offers Quranic recitation to the kids. However, it is an elementary-level course. The tenacity of this course is to make kids able to narrate the Quran. Though, this is without translation. Once the kids have recited the Quran, they can transfer to additional courses. Quran Reading or Nazra Quran course is accessible on the free trial for seven days for online learning.


Tajweed is to be able to narrate the Quran with the correct pronunciation. The Arabic language is a problematic language to dominate, and attaining its proper understanding with regard to pronunciation and its features is vital in learning the Quran. We have competent educators accessible that can appropriately lead and also illuminate numerous features of the Arabic language while narrating the Quran in our online Tajweed-e-Quran course. Reminisce, this can only be done through proper supervision and through relentless training.

Reciting the Quran is just one facet. Quran Memorization necessitates entire dedication and assurance on the part of the student. We are offering an Online Hifz-e-Quran course to students who are keen to memorize the Holy Quran. The hifz-e-Quran course will comprise highly capable tutors who will aid you in memorizing the Quran at every step. It will entail regular preparation, and the total time mandatory to memorize Quran will hinge upon numerous aspects, such as time and devotion.

Quran is the holy chat of Allah. With time, it has certainly become essential for all Muslims and their kids to comprehend Quran, not only through words but the senses behind the words and the situation in which a specific verse is cited in the Quran. The world has changed massively, but the Quran has not. There is a superior need to truly appreciate the Quran. Online Tafseer-e-Quran course aids in recognizing the message given in the verse, not just its translation. Our qualified teachers will help your kids to appreciate the Quran more through our online Tafseer-e-Quran course.


Online Quran translation courses will help the kids know the word-to-word sense of Arabic words cited in the Quran. Kids who are fresh to the Arabic language will catch this course quite valuable in their primary effort at reciting and learning the Quran.

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