Online Quran with Tafseer Course

Online Quran with Tafseer Course

Online Quran with Tafseer Course

Quran with Tafseer or Quran-e-Tafseer is the interpretation of the Holy book of Quran. The word Tafseer comes from the Arabic word ‘fassara’, which means to explain or describe. Thus, the Tafseer of the Quran means the interpretations or explanations of the verses of the Quran. 

The Tafseer of Quran it doesn’t something that is done by one with ordinary or common intellect and one who wants to understand Islam, but actually, it is done by people after getting extensive knowledge about Islam and reading and understanding the history of Islam deeply. The main aim of a Tafseer is to find out the real meanings and significances of the verses of the Quran so that the listeners could learn and interpret from it and know the correct and true message of the Quran. 

Also, taking an online Tafseer course class is very easy and convenient. One doesn’t have to spend time traveling to the tutor, or having their tutor travel to them. Online Quran with Tafseer Course ensures that the student understands the true meanings and interpretations of the Holy Quran.

The theme of the Course:

The Online Course of Quran with Tafseer is mainly aimed to make people understand the meanings and teachings of the Quran in the best possible way. Quran is the word of Allah and thus in order to understand it properly or in a true sense, a person has to sharpen his intellectual ability and increase their knowledge about it. When a particular person is at a particular intellectual level, then only he can understand the true meaning that Allah wanted to convey through the writings in the Quran. For explaining the Quran to all people in general, many scholars have tried to write Tafseer of the Quran. Although many Muslims recite the Quran and read and understand it with the help of translations, Tafseer has its own significance.   

Description of the Course:

The Syllabus of Tafseer is divided into two parts, namely, Tafseer bil Riwaya and Tafseer bil Ray. They are the two important types of Tafseer that are written in one or more of these types.

The learning of Tafseer very important for the understanding of the Quran and there are many reasons behind it. First of all, it explains the Quran in such a way that the understanding of the student about the Quran and its message increases.

When one reads only the translation it will give only the literal meanings of the writings of the Quran, however in the case of Tafseer, the context in which a particular Ayah or signs was revealed, hence giving the true meaning and context to each and every word, which results in a better understanding of the Quran and its verses. Secondly, Tafseer is very important to drive out the laws and principles of Islam from the Quran. All the verses of the Quran come with instructions, and then t the hadiths of Prophet are also there that also gives instructions. Thus, Tafseer joins both and gives a complete and precise set of instructions to the students. 

Lastly, when no science could be involved in the interpretation of the Quran, then contradiction and ambiguity come into play. Tafseer of the Quran contains the scientific analysis of verses, thereby decreasing the contradiction and ambiguity. Thus for eliminating any form of conflict, Tafseer is very important.

Goals and Implementation of the Course:

Our main motive is to spread the Quran’s education and the message of Allah all around the world. Through easy and quality teachings being brought to people’s homes via online classes, our goal is to let everyone know about the true meanings of the Quran.

After taking this course the students will:

  • Understand all the meanings of the verses of the Quran
  • Understand the significance of the sayings and writings in the Quran
  • The discovery of laws regarding political and social dealings between different communities and nations as a whole.

Who should take this course?

All Muslims should learn the actual meanings and interpretations of the Quran and the message conveyed by Prophet Mohammad.  Anyone who wishes to learn the Tafseer of the Quran will have a better understanding of the cause and reasons behind the verses of the Quran. So they should go for this Online Course of Tafseer of the Quran.

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