Online Quran Recitation Course

Online Quran Recitation Course

Online Quran Recitation Course

Quran uses the word Tilawah to describe the act of the Quran’s reading. Any single word in English cannot describe the meaning of Tilawah fully. The closest meaning can be “To follow” which can be stated as its primary meaning while the secondary meaning of it is “to read” as in reading also words are followed by each other, one behind the other, in a meaningful and sequential manner. If one word does not follow the other, the meaning is destroyed.

Tiwalah or recitation of the Quran is thus an act in which the person as a whole, his soul, heart, mind, his body, and his tongue gets indulged. To be specific, his entire existence gets involved.

While reading and reciting the Quran, mind, and body, reason and lonely feelings lose their worth and all of them fuse together. Online Quran Recitation Course ensures that the student can recite the Holy Quran, as it should be.

The theme of the Course:

The Online Quran Recitation aims at developing the listening, reading, and writing skills of the student. Online Quran Recitation Course makes the students understand the text of the Quran in a better way. They understand the meaning of the Quran and learn to recite them in a proper way. Also, the course makes writing skills better. With this courseone begins to understand the Quran in Arabic, and with time one doesn’t always have to rely on translations to understand what they’re reciting and pronouncing.

Description of the course:

The syllabus is divided into eight divisions including the aim to master the letters and their phonetics, to understand the characteristics of every letter and their articulation points, and enable students to read the Quran without any errors. As we know the meaning of the Quran changes with slight alterations of pronunciation, therefore recitation is made to memorize in the perfect manner.

This course assists the student to recite the Quran correctly without making mistakes. The course starts with teaching the basics of Quran reading where the pronunciation of each alphabet is taught. Along with this, word-joining methods are also taught. The meaning and use of different symbols in the Quran are also taught.   Pause and continuation methods while reciting Quran verses are taught through apt lessons. The teacher recites the verses of the Quran and students follow the pronunciation method and learn to recite the same verse under this Online Quran Recitation Course. 

Goals and Objectives of the Course:

  • The primary Goal of the course is to enhance the reading and reciting skills of the students.
  • It ensures that the students master the letters and their phonetics.
  • To learn the articulation points of the letters and understand its features.
  • To learn how to pronounce the words in an accurate and smooth way.
  • To learn the motions of the letters.
  • To learn some of the grammatical rules of Arabic.
  • To recite the Quran with high accuracy and along with Tajweed.

Why should you take this course?

No restrictions are there on those who want to learn Islam online. All Muslim children should learn the fundamental basics of their religion which includes how to follow the prophet’s example of faith and life, how to stay away from sin to live a life of purity, and the language that Allah used to send revelation. Muslim adults may have felt to understand Arabic in a better way, maybe for improving basic language skills or for advanced comprehension of law and doctrine.

Online Recitation Course makes it possible and convenient for the full families to come together and study and understand the Quran so that they get a better understanding of their faith and religion. In most cases, the only place to study Islam and the Quran is in a University or a madrassa but their costs are on a higher side for an average family. Online Course brings the classrooms into your living rooms and provides 24/7 service and schedules with esteemed teachers who have lots of experience.

Anyone who wishes to learn how to recite the Quran in an accurate and smooth way without any errors, the correct pronunciation, then they should take the Online Quran Course. Besides, if they want to learn the basic rules of Arabic and the articulation points, then this course will help them too. 

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