Online Arabic Learning Course

Online Arabic Learning Course:  


Arabic is one of the most difficult languages for native English speakers to excel in. The Holy Quran should be taught in Tajweed, which mostly is Arabic. When we say Online Arabic classes, we mean one-on-one sessions between a student and teacher or tutor through video chat online. The teacher and the student do everything that happens in an in-person teaching class. The only difference here that classes are online.


Taking an online Arabic Class is very convenient. One doesn’t have to spend time traveling to the tutor, or having their tutor travel to them. One just needs a stable Internet connection and put on a shirt and has an impromptu class in their bedroom or drawing room or wherever they want. This scheduling can be done easily.  Also, they are more affordable than in-person teachers. We ensure to teach the Arabic language in the most convenient way possible through our experienced tutors.


The theme of the Course


The Online Course of Arabic is meant for all age groups and aims at teaching the classical language of Arabic or to be specific Quranic Arabic. This online course helps the students to understand the text better and find their interpretations of the Holy book of Quran. Many people turn to Arabic tutorials as they are unable to understand the meanings of the Quran and so they prefer taking the classic Arabic course and not the modern standard Arabic.


Description of the Course:


Whether it is Arabic or any other language, learning how to read, write and speak a particular language can help a person a great deal by allowing them to communicate with the texts, increase their cultural knowledge as well as grow spiritually. The respect one shows for the written words and verses is a vital element one’s faith for the religion of Islam. 


In order to have a better understanding of this, he needs to have a fundamental knowledge of the Arabic language. This course includes many such topics that are important for reading and recitation of the Quran as well as other ancient literary texts and it explains how beautiful can the verses of Quran be reciting so that they can follow the principles in everyday life. Besides this, by learning classical Arab texts, teachers can also ensure whether the students understand the meanings behind the ‘Suras’ or not and thus can understand the words of Allah.


The teachers here are highly qualified and they know the rules of recitation very well and they are Hafiz-i-Quran. Learning the Quran and understanding how to incorporate the teachings in daily life is also an important aspect of learning that can be achieved by learning the classical language of Arabic. The teachers here in Al Azhar Arabic Online are graduates from renowned Universities in various subjects and are professional in writing, reading, reciting, and speaking Classical and Modern Arabic, Urdu, and English to have a better understanding with the students while learning classic Arab online.


Goals and objectives of the course


Our main goal is to spread the Quran’s education and the teachings of Allah around the world. Through easy and quality teachings being brought to people’s home via online classes, our motive is to let everyone know about the teachings of the Quran with proper pronunciation and rituals 


After taking these courses both kids and adults will be able to:


  • To understand the actual meanings and teachings of the Holy Quran
  • To get the entire knowledge about Classical and Quranic Arabic
  •  To have their own interpretations of the Quran
  • Know the correct pronunciation and meaning of words in the Quran


Who should take this course?


No restrictions are there on those who want to learn Islam online. All Muslim children should learn the fundamental basics of their religion which includes how to follow the prophet’s example of faith and life, Anyone who wishes to learn the classical Arabic for a better understanding of the verses of Quran should take up the online classic Arabic course. Also, anyone who wishes to learn Islamic studies

can also take up this course for strengthening their classical Arabic with proper grammar.


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