Islamic Programs for Kids

Islamic Programs for kids

Islamic Programs for kids

As we are Muslims and we have kids, so we need to teach them about Islam and Islamic studies, but because they are kids and the children don’t understand very well the meaning of Islam and the Islamic terms and many definitions.

Kids can’t get it, so there are many programs, including Islamic programs talking about Islam, Allah, Quran, and Prophets, that can help you to teach your kids about Islam.

And these are the ways to teach your kids through Islamic programs:

  1.  Islamic course for learning the Holy Quran and for memorizing it.

There are many Islamic courses and Islamic programs talking about the Quran and how to memorize it, the ways to learn it and understand the meaning, and know the exact pronunciation of the Holy Quran.

Also, it helps to learn everything related to Quran, and guess what? It helps to know Arabic, which is the language of Islam.

   There are many advantages and the major importance of learning through Islamic courses, especially for kids. There are many teachers and many platforms, you choose the teacher for your kids, the most comfortable teachers, and also you can choose the Academy or the platform where you want to teach your kids by. So, this is the best way to teach your kids about Islam.

  1.   YouTube channels, Islamic channels which present Islamic content:

  There are many YouTube channels, Islamic channels present Islamic content, and there are many YouTube channels for kids only that present simple explanations for many things to get the kids to understand.

 There are many videos related to stories, Prophet stories, or any stories related to Quran, and also, there are many teachers explaining many questions and many terms about Islam. So, you can subscribe to these YouTube channels and let your kids watch them every day. So, every day you can choose any program that you like to watch it.

 You can play a video every day, it is not very long, and it does not take much time. It is a very useful and easy way to make your kids get used to knowing something new about Islam.

  1.   Islamic studies for kids.

Islamic studies are so important for kids. There are many Islamic studies programs that provide you with a proficient teacher. It will make your kids get along with Islamic studies.

Islamic studies contain many studies talking about Islam and Quran. Islamic studies are not only for teenagers; it is for kids too.

  Islamic studies contain Tafsir, which is the interpretation of The Holy Quran, which is Allah’s book. They need to understand the meaning of each word mentioned in the Holy Quran.

 And also, there is Hadith, which is the tradition of our Prophet Muhammad. Islamic studies are another program besides Quran, which have many materials talking about Islam, like Fiqh, which is Islamic law. They can find out any questions related to Islam and so on.

 So, if you choose any way from the previous three ways, you can teach your kids about Islam, and it is not related only to Quran, as we mentioned before. It is about having a slight background and general background of their religion, and after that, after learning some basics, they can get to learn many other things.

  Teaching your kids about Islam is a really important thing because when you teach a kid, it means teaching a generation.

  If you teach your kid in the right way with the right things and the right background in Islam, it means that you will have a generation that has the right background in Islam.

 When they get older, it becomes so difficult to teach them and so difficult to give them any point about Islam, but if you teach them when they are kids, they will have to keep on and will love you too. So, every Muslim family must teach their kids.

  Many Muslim families seek for heaving a teacher to teach their kids about Islam, and now there are many online academies that can provide you with the teacher with the qualification that you need, and it will save time for you.

  You don’t have to travel; you can have a session daily or weekly, you can choose the program whatever you want, and you can choose any Academy, and you will have it.

  Quran and other Islamic programs teach your kids the Islamic teachings and the most important thing about Islam.

 You can start with your kids at the age of 4, and it is really good that they will know some names, words, and terms. They can repeat any verse. It really helps.

  Now let’s go through the importance of Islamic studies for kids:

  1.  Get closer to Allah.

 When you teach your kids about Islam, it means to make them closer to Allah and closer to knowing many things about Islamic culture and so on, so that’s a good point.

  1.  Being a good Muslim.

  To have a good Muslim kid means to have a future right Muslim. As much as they can learn, as good as they can be in the future

  1. Know many things and the right things about their religion.

  It is so hard now to know something right about Islam and about their right path, they can hear something from one and hear another thing from another one and so on, but when they used to have the right direction and the right teacher and the right person to ask, they will never have any confusion about their own religion because they will know everything on time.

  So, to sum up, those are the ways to teach your kids and to provide them with Islamic programs, like YouTube channels and online academies or even offline programs.

 Choose the right way for you and your kids and start with and do not forget that it is your role in life which is to have Muslim kids and raise them to be on the right path, which leads to Allah’s satisfaction.


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