How to teach your kids Quran at an early age

How to teach your kids Quran at an early age

How to teach your kids Quran at an early age.

Quran is so important for any Muslim. It is Allah’s words, and it is Allah’s book. So, we need to recite it, understand it, learn it, and have it as a friend in our daily life.

And as parents, you should concern about your kids to raise them as Muslims, good Muslims. Many Muslim families seek to teach their kids about Quran about and Islam, their religion, but they don’t know how to get them enthusiastic about Islamic teachings. They want to know how to make their kids connect with the Holy Quran and with Islamic teachings without feeling bored or obligated.

 Teaching your kids at an early age is so important; all Muslim family should teach their kids at an early age. Why? Because they need to get used to using Quran in their daily life, they need to know many things about slam. So, when they grow up and become adults will be used to learning it and reciting it and so on.

  But if your kid doesn’t get used to reciting Quran or even listening to it and has no idea or background about Islamic teaching, it will be so hard to teach them because they didn’t get used to doing so.

That’s why Muslim family should teach their kids at an early age to gain their kids and their important role in life as Allah orders. 

Ways to teach your kids Quran and make them connect with the Quran:

  1. Quran lesson.

If you want your kids to learn about Quran and about Islamic teachings, you should have a Quran lesson for them.

 Quran lessons will be so great for them. They will learn Quran and recite Quran, and the most interesting part is that they will memorize Quran. Grain and memorize it.

     If you don’t have time for it, or it is so far from you, or they don’t have any time for learning anything new, there is many online platforms and academies which provide Quran lesson. It would ensure the teachers, you can choose teachers and the Academy; also, you can choose the whole program just the way you like, and your kids will like it too. So, don’t be hesitated and have a Quran lesson for your kids.

  1. Quran stories

Quran stories are so important for kids because it is so interesting, and they find them funny. They need something funny to get used to learning Quran and never get bored, so try to relate a story every day to your kids, which is in the Holy Quran.

If you really relate new one for them every day, they will get so enthusiastic to know a new story every day, and they will ask you to relate it to them.

 You can say verses that are talking about the story that you are relating to them, so; you tell them a story in Quran, and you teach them Islam matters, and you recite for them the Quran.

 Try also videos like visual videos on YouTube or wherever you like; they will watch them and listen to them every day without feeling bored.

  1. Play Quran and Islamic Radio Channel.

  You need to play Quran Surah at home or in a car. Try to make them listen to Quran every day. If they listen to it every day, they will get used to reciting it and listening to it and memorizing some verses from listening to it.

  Make your kids feel that Quran is so important in their daily life; make them couldn’t spend a day without listening to Quran or reciting it.

  Talk to them about how Quran is so important and how there is life in it. Try to make sure that they understand each verse they memorize or learn.

 Make sure that they are not just listening to it or reciting it, or learning it without knowing the meaning. Always explain to them some verses and always ask them if they know the meaning or something as a revision to not forget what they memorized.

 Play Quran is so useful and fruitful for their ears.

  1. Islamic books and material.

  Always get your kids’ Islamic books and material to read and to learn about their Islam religion. They will learn what the meaning of Islam is and what they should believe in, and also, they will find many daily issues in these books to learn if it is correct or wrong.

 They will understand everything for Hadith or Quran interpretation, and they will have a great background in Islam and the Islamic teachings and find out Islamic material. You’re going to find many online materials. You don’t have to go to the library, and you don’t have to ask someone; you just search on Google, and you will find many Islamic materials for kids or for teenagers.

 You will find thousands of books that will help your kids and help you too, and if they feel bored of reading and don’t like reading, you can read it for them and explain it later to them.

  1. Online Islamic platforms.

 There are many online Islamic platforms on Google talking about Islam matters and Islamic teachings. If you have a question or an issue or even you need a suggestion in an Islamic matter, you can go and ask them, and you will have a quick response.

 Also, teach your kids about these platforms and tell them if they have any questions about their religion Islam, they can write them, and they will have a quick respond; it eases the process of teaching.

  So, now you have many different ways to get your kids to connect with the Quran and to teach them at an early age and in a funny way which is the Quran story, and academic way, which is through the Quran lesson. And you have an easy way which is online Islamic platforms. You have many choices; all you got to do is start. It is your role in life, and you should do it right.


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