How to learn Arabic Language.

How to learn the Arabic Language.

Arabic is considered the 5th commonly spoken language in the world. The most important feature of this language is that it is the language of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and our Holy book Quran PAK is also revealed in this language which adds beauty to this language so being a Muslim we should learn Arabic to understand the Quran Pak wholeheartedly.

 Arabic language has two main versions.

 1.Classical Arabic 

  1. Modern Arabic

 Classical Arabic 

The old and ancient language is considered a classical language. It is the language of the Holy Quran which increases its importance too much and being a Muslim we should try to learn this language. If you are not familiar with this language, then you can start it with fuseha which remains the same. You require this language only in academic situations like scientific books, research, study books, and reading newspapers. Hence it’s a formal language.

Modern language

As the name depicted that this language is modernized and use in daily life to speak. If you stay in the Arabic continent it is important to learn this language to speak with your colleagues, friends, and native persons there. The Arabic language is important to learn for a better lifestyle because if you are familiar with the language you can easily find your career in different kinds of fields like business and industry, finance, foreign service and intelligence, transportation and interpretation, consulting, etc. The most important factor is that there is an opportunity to learn about your religion, the true meaning of Islam, its rules, and the complete code of its Holy script.

Due to the rapid communication prevalence, the Arabic language is demanded at a high rate but unfortunately, the availability of Arabic speakers is very low in western countries. If you have a full command of this language you can easily penetrate yourself in Arabic culture. The survival of a happy and peaceful life becomes more apparent.  

The growing popularity of this language causes many countries to offer different scholarships and different learning programs to facilitate new and serious learners. The Arab region provides the opportunity to earn by providing different export markets for goods and services. You can also visit there some touristic places and can talk to Arabs in their local language and feel comfortable to stay there. 

Some helpful learning steps 

There are certain steps that are helpful to learn Arabic more quickly.

Decide what to learn

Arabic has different pronunciation and variety you have to choose according to the area where you are living or plan to live Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is widely spread regional Arabic but mostly used in social media. New learners should consider the modern standard Arabic as it is the official language of 22 Arab countries and one of the united nations.

Start with basics

Try to learn to transcribe words instead of the Arabic alphabet first, as in school English language is learned by the teachers and he always tries to learn letters first and then words and sentences from the words and at the end proper syntax and grammar. Taking shortcuts only show you down.

Arabic dictionary

This task is hard to adopt a but it can be helpful to a great extent. Arabic dictionary is consisting of three-letter roots. If you want to know a word you have to know what the roots are and what letter the root starts with-but not compulsory the first letter in the word. It takes more and more practice. as practice makes a man perfect, sooner or later it will make the whole process easier and accountable.

Indulge yourself in study 

If you want to learn Arabic quickly you have to make practice more and more convenient. The best way is to see it, heart it, write it and spoke it.

Another way is to watch children’s television programs in which the use of language is very simple and the main focus is on the learning the nature of vocabulary is very will automatically help you. 

Try to speak

Seeing and hearing is not enough, so to obtain good results you have to speak learning language with any partner if you are not native to Arabic countries it is difficult to find out a partner who agreed to speak with different kinds of an online program are available for learning students and you can find your tutors and can lean with your tutors more easily.

No age limit

There is no age discrimination if you want to learn Arabic you can simply join us on Qualified Quran Teachers, where experienced and qualified teachers are available for you. Try to motivate and teach your children because at an early age they are more responsive to adopt any language and can easily learn 3 languages at the same time.


Duration of learning 

There is no fixed duration of learning. you can make your own decisions and select the time which is suitable for you to learn online. And you can join monthly, weekly classes and with the help of your tutor, you can start immediately.  The course duration is not strictly bound to a limited period of time. it’s according to your desire and objective you can also arrange a bundle of classes on a monthly bases. 


The   students who joined us for free trials found a happy and flexible environment in this learning program as 

  • Availability of courses is easily accessible when to need 
  • Tutors with highly qualified Ph.D. degrees in Arabic studies.
  • No age discrimination, the group of any age can join and learn.
  • The online booking system is also ensured.
  • Flexibility in learning system around the year
  • Short courses to acquire your level of satisfaction 

The hidden traits of this language are not fully covered because it is a very vast language, try to learn this language because it can be proving as an efficient key to success in your future life. It can take over your hurdles in Arabian try to learn this language as by simply enrolling in a free online Arabic lesson. I hope it will prove a helpful step towards your goal.

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