Hifz e Quran

Hifz intends to learn or to memorize. Hifz ul Quran intends to peruse and to become familiar with the Quran; to retain its stanzas and ayaat. Be that as it may, in Islam Hifz ul Quran intends to become familiar with its stanzas orally as well as to retain what it says and comprehend what it implies, what it needs from a Muslim, what is Allah’s instructing for a Muslim and leads their life as per the educating of Islam. 

The Rewards for Hafiz-ul-Quran: 

Hifz in Islam has an extremely solid and wonderful status in Islam, in this world, and just as in the following. Our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) said that there are numerous temperances and advantages of Hifz ul Quran. 

Start by acquiring a duplicate of the Qur’an. Get a variant with an interpretation in the event that you don’t communicate in Arabic. Use sound accounts to guarantee that you utilize the best possible articulations while recounting the entries so anyone might hear. 

There are some useful hints you ought to follow: 

Locate a calm spot that is liberated from interruptions for a 20-minute meeting. You’re not going to have a lot of karma retaining sections in case you’re sitting in an uproarious, occupied condition. Discover a room in your home or mosque where you’ll be liberated from interruptions. Maintain a strategic distance from rooms with TV or PC screens, and leave your telephone in an alternate room Select an ayah toward the beginning of a surah you like. Select a surah that you relate to and feel a compelling enthusiastic association with. There is nothing amiss with remembering a solitary ayah since you love the significance of the section.

Consider the significance of an ayah by perusing it cautiously. 

Before you begin attempting to retain the ayah, read through it cautiously in a language you comprehend to guarantee that you comprehend the importance of the section. This will have the additional advantage of helping you remember the surah since you’ll have the option to depend on the succession of the sections rather than essentially retaining the sounds. 

Get a copy of the ayah’s articulation in the event that you don’t communicate in Arabic.

 Ayahs are constantly retained in the traditional Arabic that they were initially written in. This implies you’ll have to get a chronicle of the Qur’an in the event that you are certifiably not a characteristic Arabic speaker. 

Rehash the ayah again and again until you disguise it.

 State a solitary ayah in any event 5 or multiple times while perusing it on the page. At that point, bring down your book or turn away from your PC and attempt to state it for all to hear from memory. In the event that you stall out, allude to your Qur’an or sound account. 

Check your sound chronicle to guarantee you have it down.

 State the ayah so anyone can hear once again. At that point, promptly play a chronicle of the ayah with the best possible tajweed. Check your recitation against the sound manual for a guarantee that your articulation, rhythm, and beat are right. In the event that it is, you can proceed onward to another entry. Continue rehearsing on the off chance that you need somewhat more work.


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