Children and effective ways of memorizing the holy Quran online

Children and effective ways of memorizing the holy Quran online

“Your children can be the ticket to paradise or hell” is a well-known Islamic adage however simply preaching the rules will not make any difference. Muslim brothers and sisters are aware of the significance Quran carry in our life but now it’s time to convert our preachings into actions. Learning and memorizing Quran is a beautiful mental and religious exercise that not only sharpens our memory but also opens our door to heaven. Denying its beauty and benefits will only a misstep which will only lead us to darkness. Being a parent, it is our duty to divert the attention of our children to the soulful teachings of the Quran. Memorizing the verses and beautiful Ayats is a cumbersome task if proper professional guidance is not available. Alazhar class is a perfect solution for all your problems and dilemma. The online support by Alazhar religious professionals will solve all your worries and educate your children in the best possible way.


Online platforms for learning and memorizing Quran

Memorizing the Quran is also equated with the term “Hifz” which is an Arabic word and almost every Muslim is well acquainted with its meaning and importance. Hifz expects one to learn and memorize the esteemed holy book by heart and the one who completes the task successfully is known as Hafiz. There are many ways to attempt this honorable task successfully but learning it through online means will give you maximum advantage. Now you can contact an online platform and ask your child to register for online training. You are just a few clicks away from your online learning destinations but selecting any online platform for your little ones cannot be beneficial in the long run. Hence, the authenticity of the platform should be your priority and Alazhar’s classes provide you with all the facilities you are looking for. It does not matter from which nationality you belong, you can easily become a hafiz within a stipulated period.


Selection of a suitable course

Various courses have been designed by the online platforms to suit the expectations of the candidate. Many levels are decided by the experts for learning Quran online as not every candidate carries the same amount of knowledge and background. Choosing the right kind of course for your child is a matter of utmost importance. Ljaazah, Tajweed, memorization are some important kinds of courses categorized according to the need of the learner and it is our responsibility to identify our needs and chose the course accordingly. Hence, pay attention to the needs of your child as a haphazard selection, of course, will not be beneficial in any way.

Quality of the trainers and tutors

It is often claimed by our elders that self-help is the best help and you can easily memorize the Quran with the help of online videos and websites. Unfortunately, it is the biggest myth you have ever come across as using mere videos, and website writing will not serve the purpose. We cannot judge the authenticity of any video or website as sometimes wrong information is provided on these platforms too. The best way to memorize the Quran is to use an online tutor which guides you on every line and replies to all your doubts. Through Alazharclasses, you can educate your child with one of the best Quran tutors of the world


Significance of learning the Arabic language

We all know that any misspelled word or line can change the whole context and meaning of the given text. Imagine what will happen if you are putting your best effort to learn Quran but failing in the end because of your wrong pronunciation. Improvement will become a strenuous task if you adapt yourself to the wrong style of teaching and learning. To prevent yourself from such situations, it will be more convenient if you inclined your children towards the Arabic language. Alazhar’s classes make sure that you not only memorize but understand the text of the Quran comprehensively. Imagine your child well verse the text of the Quran as well as with the language of the almighty Allah.

In-depth knowledge and different level of courses

Acquiring surface knowledge and claiming oneself to be an educated mass can prove more harmful than fruitful. As a parent, you don’t want your children to be one of those shallow and half-educated human beings. In other words, acquiring deep knowledge is the only way to gain expertise and knowledge in the area concerned. It is worth remembering that this rule is applicable in academics as well as religious teachings. We want to prevent our Muslim kids from shallowness and want to provide them with in-depth knowledge. Alazhar classes provide you with a course called “Quran for kids” This course is divided into two parts ie basic level also known as Tajweed and Muslim Andalusians which is mainly dedicated to the teaching of the Arabic language. Tajweed course can do wonders for your child if he or she cannot read and write Arabic. This course is mostly recommended for those who do not belong to the Arabic speaking country. Alazhar classes are trying their level best to educate every follower to attain the highest level of salvation.

Using new learning techniques

Gaining the attention of children and making them learn concepts from scratch is not a very easy task to perform. Not only knowledge but also teaching style holds a definite place in the world of learning. Alazhar’s classes make sure that your children take a keen interest in the teachings of Allah. Gaining their attention by stimulating their love for Allah and his teachings will lead to better understanding and memorization of Quranic verses. The use of audiovisual techniques is highly impactful in the learning process. Text and verbal communication can never suffice and hence a wholesome approach is necessary for extensive knowledge.


The team of Alazhar coaching classes wants to welcome every follower who aspires to be a true Muslim. Educating your children with the beautiful verses of the Quran can be a commendable step on your part and an honor for the Alazhar’steam. Undoubtedly, your children will cherish their learning moments later in their life and you will definitely feel proud of them.


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