Best tips for learning Islam for new converts

Best tips for learning Islam for new converts

Best tips for learning Islam for new converts

  As many new Muslims and converts seek to learn about Islam and learn Quran and each Islamic detail, there are many academies and centers to guide them. 

We will present you with five tips.

The best five tips to learn are Islam step by step and phase by phase.

The best tips to learn Islam are:

  1. Applying for an Islamic academy.

  There are many academies and Islamic centers to apply for and be a member of, so toy will be able to get in touch with Islamic leaders and teachers to guide you.

  It is easy to apply to these academies; you need to look for the best Academy, and they will provide you with the programs so you can choose the perfect one.

These academies are like schools.

 You can learn step by step from start to beginner to intermediate until you know everything About Islam.

  1. Learning Quran.

In these academies, you will be able to learn Quran, and you will be educated on how to recite and understand it. 

You will be able to recite and memorize the Quranic verses, not only reciting them but also understanding each verse you will memorize.

  Many new Muslims want to learn Quran but it is so hard for them to recite it, understand it, and memorize it.

 When you choose the perfect teacher, they will provide you with everything you need to memorize the Quran.

So, don’t worry about Arabic, and Quran is in Arabic because you will educate on how to pronounce each word in the Holy Quran, which is Allah’s book, and all Muslims should learn it, memorize it, and recite it daily.

 Moreover, Quran teachers will help you understand the Quran first by relating the Quran’s stories to you and telling you the Quran’s principles. 

All you should do is follow the teacher’s instructions.

  1. Read about the Islamic heritage.

If you want to learn Islam and to learn about it not only generally, you need to read about the Islamic heritage and how it begins, and how it spreads. You should read many things and have many materials about Islamic heritage.

So, you can ask your teachers to provide you with the names of books or sites to learn and read about Islamic heritage. It is so important as a Muslim to know your religious heritage.

 To understand it, you will find answers to all your questions.

And according to the I.M.A.M site: 

In Islam, belief in both the seen and the unseen and in the wisdom and power of the Lord Creator occurs without seeing Him. Instead, it relies on visualizing His creative forces in this physical world and its beautiful creations. This sparks the realization that we must obey and execute His orders in every circumstance, including the obligation to visit the places that became sacred because God assigned them to play a role in His servants’ worship. The tangible existential connection with all these sacred places, monuments, and heritage sites instills in the believer a connection to the way of servitude that the Prophet (pbuh&hp) and his successors initiated. As such, they become an ever-present reminder to Muslims of our relationship with God and represent devotion and worship to Him exclusively.

The presence of these holy sites, shrines, and historical structures associated with events, people, and sacred symbols increases the believers’ certainty of the divine mission and truth of those whom God sent with this religion (i.e., the Prophet [pbuh&hp]). Furthermore, it reminds us of the supporters who expended every effort to support his mission, the grueling eras that witnessed the establishment of Islam’s pillars, and the various social and political phases Islam went through.

So, to understand the Islamic heritage is to know all the previously mentioned things.

  1. Study Islamic studies.

  Islam is not only Quran and reading about heritage.

 No, Islam is a religion, and some studies are Islamic studies. 

It would help if you studied them to understand Islam very well.

 So, what is the meaning of Islamic studies, and what will you learn from it?


Aqedah tackles fundamental beliefs such as learning about Allah, Angels, Prophets and messengers, Holy books, Judgement Day and Destiny.

Aqedah is the main branch of Islamic studies, and it talks about faith and Islam.


Fiqh is Islamic law and discusses many issues and matters about Islam. Also, it helps to understand many rules and answer many questions.


Hadith is the record of the sayings of our Prophet Muhammad and his actions, what he says, asks, and prevents. It is the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad.

Islamic Studies in Hadith cover many things like Types of Hadith and the study of Matn. Then, it also covers Qudsi Hadith. So, you can study all Hadith of our Prophet and what Allah says (Qudsi Hadith).

       Islamic History.

Islamic History discusses all periods of Islam from the beginning of Islam and our Messenger Muhammad called for till our recent life.

It covers everything about Islam, such as the achievements of Muslims, Islamic law, the regime, and all the different sides of Islam.

 It tackles politics, economy, social conditions, and education through Islam.

        Tafseer al Quran (Interpretation).

Tafseer is the interpretation of Allah’s book, which is the Holy Quran. It helps us to understand the exact meaning of Allah’s words.

  1. Get along with the Islamic culture.

  After applying to the Islamic Academy, having your Quran teacher, and memorizing Quran.

And also, after studying Islamic studies and reading about Islam and having an excellent background of the Islamic heritage, now it is time to share the Islamic culture; now you are a Muslim, so you need to get along with the Islamic culture. You can chat with Arab Muslims to practice your language, your new language Arabic, and to have Muslim friends. There are many ways to get along with the Islamic culture.

And finally, these are the best tips to be a good Muslim and to learn Islam.


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