We provide you with the Basic Qaida Course for kids and adults of all ages online. If you wish to understand the Quran from the basics, so this is the right course for you. This course tells you about the basic rules of tajweed and basic Arabic Quran alphabets.

If you want to comprehend Holy Quran from the basic, which is Noorani Qaida, and there are no basic Noorani Qaida/Quran classes for adults near you or any basic Tajweed course, then no need to worry because we provide online Basic Qaida course for people of all ages. 

This course is constructed as an initial phase of learning the Quran. After the fulfillment of this matter, the pupil will be prepared to specify all the Arabic Alphabet, can pronounce all the Arabic Alphabet correctly, understand the basic rules of reading the Quran, and understand the pronouncing ways of different symbols and ways of connecting the letters.

ARABIC QAIDA (Beginners Course):

Arabic Qaida is a fundamental lesson for every new learner who wants to recite the Holy Quran. In Qaida, you will be able to learn how to pronounce the Arabic Alphabet and sounds. Where to create Arabic words by joining letters concurrently. After the fulfillment of this lesson, you may Rehearse the Holy Quran handily.

Arabic Qaida Online: 

Our Live Quran Tutors will guide you through the following things before you start reading the Quran with Tajweed.

Topic 1: Learn the pronunciation and Arabic Alphabets Shapes with sound.

Topic 2: How the letters can be joined and read correctly.

Topic 3: You will comprehend Arabic (Fatah/Zabar, Kasra/Zair, Damah/Parish) types and sounds.

Topic 4: How to link signs ( Jazam and Tasheed )

Topic 5: How to prolong signs (Madd or Maddah-Letters ) 

Topic 6: Signs where you should stop (Waqf / Ayaat ending mark)

Topic 7: Rules and Science of Tajweed (Izhaar, Idghaam, Iqlaab, and Ikhfaa/Gunnah)

  1. Norani Script or Qaida, which is mostly taught to Asians.
  1. Usmani Qaida is mostly taught to non-Asian in order to be able for an individual to learn and read basic Quran words. In this lesson, we educate the Arabic Alphabet with Tajweed rules, commencing from the Usmani Script Qaida (Basic Book of Arabic Alphabets), which is extremely crucial as it constructs Student’s skills that enable students to read the Holy Quran with the Tajweed Online Quran Course. Our instructors instruct the Students Step by Step so that a 3 Years old kid can pertain to these rules without any complications and put up the students to the degree where the Student can read Quran easily by his/herself.

Noorani Qaida Course:

Noorani Qaida Course is an introductory matter if you need to understand the Quran. It is essential for beginners and particularly for kids. Adults who do not know how to read the verses of the Holy Quran can take this course. We offer an online Qaida course to make your learning very easy and fast in your comfort zone. Our teachers educate to create the foundation for learning the Holy Quran. We teach online via interesting methods. First, the students learn the Arabic Alphabet, then the Quranic words an,d at the end, and the verses.

Why Learn Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida is an extremely vital course that you have to start. You can also learn Tajweed with this course.

 Qaida course is a significant lesson that assists learners in learning how to recite. We start the lesson with the Arabic Alphabet. When students start to understand the Arabic Alphabet, they can also learn to read words. 

Our Online Quran Teachers are very qualified and competent. They can assist the students that how to learn the Noorani Qaida very quickly. We teach completely so that the person can learn to read complex Arabic words. Students will be enabled to read the complete Quranic Ayah after learning the basic Alphabet. We teach important rules of Tajweed. We teach both modern and traditional methods.

What will be in the Noorani Qaida Online Course?

Noorani Qaida Online course encloses the subsequent things.

  • Learning the Arabic Alphabet and the necessary symbols for understanding the fundamental rules of pronunciation.
  • Connecting the Alphabet to make words.
  • Rules to pause and stop.
  • Tashdeed.

Noorani Qaida for Beginners:

Beginners, as well as children and elders, can part us for this course. If you can not recognize a solitary factor regarding reading the Holy Quran, this can be the most effective course for you. It will offer you knowledge regarding the Quran reading from scratch. We give this class not only to kids but also to adults and females.

Presently at our Online Academy, we have both male and female tutors to help you Learn Noorani Qaida. We teach by one on one methodology. Our professional Qaris will teach you in an extremely friendly way. We enable students to pronounce Arabic/Quran correctly with fundamental principles of basic Tajweed.

Learn Noorani Qaida for Kids:

Muslims around the world learn how to read Noorani Qaida Online with us. Our Holy Quran Academy is an in-style platform for students. We tend to guarantee you that if you learn with us, you will complete the course shortly. Your child also will learn the most effectively with us. We guarantee you get 100% effective Quran education. After finishing the course, your kid will browse the Holy Quran fluently. He/she is going to conjointly learn the fundamental Tajweed rules. Both adults and children can begin reading with an Arabic accent. Currently, you and your kid will become experts in reading the Holy book of Allah Almighty.

As reading is the start of learning the Quran, thus we can facilitate finding out Noorani Qaida for youths. Our Quran Online Academy is reliable and popular among Muslims.

Recitation Of the Quran:

We offer religious writing Recitation with our certified (Ijaza) Ustaad. We offer an entire custom religious writing recitation program as per your demand. During this course, we tend to educate our students to pronounce Arabic Quran Alphabets correctly with its (Makhraj) with the correct pronunciation. We also have a tendency to conjointly provide to find out the Arabic writing letters and, therefore, the basic rules required for Quranic reading.



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